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The Gallant Trade Copier sets a new standard in the Forex Market. The System was designed to benefit our high performing Leader accounts, while at the same time, providing Investors greater returns.
Advanced Copying Technology

Our system allows experienced Leaders to make trades, and instantaneously allow any Investor to copy their market moves. Leaders can advertise themselves to thousands of Investors in the Leader Lounge and even provide a history of their trading style, and preferred currency pairs.

Performance Truly Matters

Gallant clients enjoy the simplicity of the Trade Copier system, as it provides transparency to Investors. Leaders collect performance fees after reaching new equity levels, and Investors gain expert market knowledge.

A Win-Win

The Gallant Trade Copier provides an alternative to diversify your portfolio, while also investing in professional traders with years of experience. This is the only solution which caters to the unique Leader-Investor relationship.

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