STP / DMA Transparent Dealing

We know how much our clients value fair dealing. We also understand that the best guarantee of fairness is transparency. Many traders ask themselves the following questions:

Am I trading at the right price?
Does my broker slip my order against me to make higher profits?
Do I get all of the positive slippage I should get (best market price), just some or none at all?
Am I paying reasonable brokerage fees?
How much does my broker earn from my trades?
Does my broker trade against me?

Submit Your Order.
It all starts when you send us your order.
We receive your order.
In order to ensure that you get the highest possible liquidity and best market prices, we work with a pool of liquidity providers consisting of major prime banks.
Liquidity providers compete.
These liquidity providers compete to offer us their best prices for your order execution. The prices obtained by our liquidity providers are 100% transparent and can be disclosed to you at anytime.
Identify best price available to fill order
Our advanced IT infrastructure and price aggregator system allows us to constantly receive quotes from all of our liquidity providers. We instantaneously analyze them and identify the best price available to fill your order.
Add Mark-up & Execute Order
We then add our mark-up and execute your order at best market price in a matter of milliseconds with no dealer or no human involvement.